“In 2014, there are 2 stages in the Keep the Flame Alive and the Eaton Community College are proud to announce they will be participating in stage 1 which involves the Guinness World Record for the longest “Awareness Ribbon”. In 2012, a 1,247m long ribbon was entered into the record books by the Aid and Hope Program for Cancer Patient Care (Palestine), in Gaza, the Gaza-Strip, Palestinian Entity and this year, Western Australian Schools are joining together to beat the record.

15 metres of ribbon will be displayed in the Eaton Community Library for students and community members to sign and write get well messages for children with Cancer. With each message written a gold coin donation needs to be pledged. This event will run from Monday 10th – Friday 14th March between 10-55am -11.20am & 1.30pm – 2.00pm.

Please give generously!!” — Read the full article on their website.