The reason Keep the Flame Alive exists is to support  the  Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF).

CLCRF’s Mission Statement:

  • Raise awareness of the Foundation.
  • Introduce the new branding of CLCRF to Western Australians with a view to take the brand nationally and internationally through our website, You Tube presentations and social media.
  • To help financially contribute to the eradication of childhood cancers through our research projects.
  • To bring more families to our special occasions, by creating events that are exciting and fun for the WHOLE family.


This particular event supports not only CLCRF but also encourages fitness through movement and dance, encouraging all ages and all levels of experience to participate and get outdoors and get active.


We have organised this event on the premise of fun. It is a family event and kids and adults can be involved.  The smiles on the faces of all participants, is testament to the fact that everyone is having a great time whilst benefiting such a worthy cause.