Event Organiser

Kylie Dalton
kylie-small As a Director for Absolute Edge Media I am very proud and excited to be offering my volunteer services once more to Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF). On the back of last year’s success with ‘A Flame for Aline’ I am thrilled to help bring Keep the Flame Alive to Western Australia and its community. My vision is to see this grow and become a stand alone annual event for the CLCRF which will help them to bring awareness and funds for their foundation.Keep the Flame Alive is a concept that allows for more than just dance but for this first year we want to show Perth just how incredible our community is through dance. We hope to achieve a Guinness World Record on top of adding 2 more locations to the event. So Perth, stay tuned and get excited. Keep the Flame Alive is coming in 2014.

Event Contributors

Andrea Alexander
andre profile pic Executive Officer Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc)

I have been the Executive Officer of the Foundation since July 1996. Prior to this I worked at PMH in 1979 working in various departments until I joined the Princess Margaret Children’s Medical Research Foundation as PA to the Administrator from 1984-90.  From 1990-93 I again worked at PMH & from 1993-96 worked at various companies & health organisations whilst living in Melbourne.

I feel very privileged to be part of the organising team for this unique event that will increase the public’s awareness of childhood cancers.  The team are such a wonderful group of people, who are giving so generously of their valuable time for our cause. Because I am Mum to two healthy children, I could not begin to imagine the devastation a family feels upon receiving a diagnosis of ‘cancer’ for their child.  I would love to see a future where our children survive these diseases and go on to lead normal lives.

Wendy Kearns
wendy wendy Executive Assistant
Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.)

The opportunity to help raise much needed funding and awareness of childhood cancer research makes me very proud as, being parents of healthy (now adult) children, my husband and I fully appreciate how fortunate we are.

I started working with the Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.) in 1997 on a part time basis and graduated to full time in 2006.  Prior to this I was employed at the Perth children’s hospital.  I also have a background working in the music industry. The “Keep the Flame Alive” dance extravaganza and Guinness World Record attempt ticks all the right boxes, being a fun family event with an emphasis on helping a great cause.

Michele Seymour
me I am very proud and excited to be offering my skills to this project, Keep the Flame Alive 2014. I am a hard working volunteer and designer who puts my all into everything I do. As one of Perth’s budding events promoters, I really believe in the beauty and creativity of both the Perth arts and culture scene and volunteer sectors.

Having been in the design industry for close to 15 years, I bring a level of creativity to the project bringing together design, promotion and coordination of all things creative.My experience also includes not for profit, both regional and metro and as well as Local and State Government where the work and organisations mainly focused in the promotion and development of Perth.

I have spent much of my adult life volunteering for lots of different organisations or community events because I find so much joy in it. This event is not only giving me the chance to keep feeling like I belong to something very worthwhile but I get to do something magic and fun along the way.I’m working with Keep the Flame Alive because I believe that everyone can make a difference. Using the talents, skill sets, networking abilities and more that they have available to them, if only in a small way – to benefit someone other than themselves.

David Cattach
Cattach, David, Jacket 2 I admire the courage and strength displayed by those who directly and indirectly deal with serious disease in their lives. I am passionate about doing whatever it takes to ensure a better quality of life during and after treatment for our sick kids, and anyone else affected by serious disease.
Keep the Flame Alive is a worthwhile and unique event to bring awareness to our mission and raise funds for our cause.  It will be lots of fun and I know all involved will enjoy themselves.  I hope to see you there!David is on the Board of Management for the CL & CRF, is married to Jenny, and has two adorable daughters, Phoebe and Grace. He works as a Certified Financial Planner based in Subiaco.
Justin Bruce
Justin Bruce Board Member
Childrens Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation

Justin has first hand experience of what effects childhood cancers can have on children & their families being diagnosed with leukaemia in 1979 at age four. Cured four years later some of Justin’s friends weren’t so lucky.Now a Financial Controller for a successful national company Justin has joined the board to ensure future generations do not have to suffer like he and many of his friends.

Katelyn Lush
kate I started working as a receptionist for CLCRF in February of this year but also had the great opportunity to participate in last years “A Flame for Aline” flash mob event. I enjoy being involved with this foundation and helping raise awareness on child cancer research.Before becoming a part of CLCRF I worked in the fitness industry for over 6 years, as a personal trainer and gym/ group fitness instructor. I like meeting and working with a huge range of different people from all over the world. I have a passion for trying new things (within reason) and travelling, still a lot more places to visit though JIt feels so exciting to be a part of this team and going for a world record. Hope to see you there!!
 Dawn Morse
Dawn I feel honoured to be part of such a caring selfless group of people who give their time so readily to help others. The group is diverse in background with a strong mission to raise awareness and funds for CLCRF and to help others. Keep the Flame Alive is facilitating this mission through this amazing event. I feel privileged to be a part of the group and look forward to helping it all come together.Dawn has been in health insurance for over 15 years and has two fantastic children Chelsea-Jade and Ethan.
Alice Newport
alice Having been in Perth for almost six years now I have been lucky enough to have been involved with a variety of non for profit organisations as a volunteer in WA over this time. I work for the state government but I’m also a freelance writer and an avid volunteer. My volunteer work sees me giving both man hours and professional capacity to organisations.  I am a proactive person with a passion for learning, development and positive change.I am fortunate to be involved with an organisation making such a positive impact in the community. My experience is embedded in the community having worked in the disability, education and community development sectors. In addition I have also worked refugees and in the LGBTI community.Working with people who feel so passionately and who are so driven is wonderful. What I like about Keep the Flame Alive is that it’s not only innovative but it’s engaging. Anyone can get involved with the organisation and directly help the research efforts of the team at the Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation.
Skye Wayte
skye I am proud to offer my skills to the Keep the Flame Alive 2014 project.  As a mother of a little boy, it is knowing that charities such as CLCRF exist to ensure our children can survive cancer and leukaemia that is so important to me.  As a public relations and marketing specialist in the Perth area, I am an experienced publicist and copywriter and am happy to provide my skills to assist this wonderful organisation.
I have worked in the Communications industry for over 10 years, including the health industry, and local and federal governments.  I believe that the work of volunteers is what builds communities and am so excited to be part of this amazing event!