Just a wonderful word of thanks from someone who attended rehearsals yesterday and the story behind their participation. We thought we should share…

Just wanted to write and say thank you for such an awesome day. We all had such great fun that we are even more excited and pumped for the REAL DEAL on April 6th.

Had an awesome photo I wanted to share with you, as we went to the river after rehearsals and also one of the group of us from Catherine Davey Dance Company (CDDC), including our Ladybirds, there to support Leukaemia.

The other photo is of a beautiful family (personal friends of mine) who are doing this Dance for their Brother Jaiden who was diagnosed with Leukaemia about 18 months ago. he is now 3 yrs old (diagnosed at 18 months old). Aneisha (7yrs) is dancing in the Ladybirds section and older sister Aaliya (10yrs) is dancing the public dance. She broke her ankle a week after registering but is still determined to dance for her brother and today at rehearsals managed to practice with her crutches and dance once without them as well. Aaliya’s friend has joined the public dance and is holding Jaiden in the photo. This family is so strong and an inspiration to others.

I thank you again for giving us this opportunity to join this great cause. You have done a fantastic job at organising this. (I met you at BMSD when I hand delivered our signed yellow ribbon from CDDC and I remember you saying how much is involved in this, Thank you)”

KTFA 2014 #2

KTFA 2014 #3