Keep the Flame Alive 2014 is entering new territory this time around by attempting a World Record for the Guinness Book of Records! Our record attempt is going to be the longest awareness ribbon.

The current record for the “The longest awareness ribbon” stands at 1,247 m (4,091 ft 2 in) and was created by Aid and Hope Program for Cancer Patient Care (Palestine), in Gaza, the Gaza-Strip, Palestinian Entity, on 10 October 2012. Next year, to raise awareness for Children’s’ Leukaemia and Cancer Research, we plan to beat this.

The Keep the Flame Alive event and the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation are putting 2,000 meters of yellow ribbon together in 15 metre increments to create the world’s longest awareness ribbon. But we aren’t just stopping there, we are going to send out sections of this ribbon to schools across WA and ask that they get children to sign the ribbon with get well messages for children who have cancer. This will not just be the longest awareness ribbon, it will be the longest get well message in the world.

Once the ribbon has been signed by school children, we will introduce it to the public through our 2014 Keep the Flame Alive Dance on the 6th of April 2014 for all of the dancers and general public to be able to include their messages of support. This will bring everything together and unite the dance event and world record, with the ribbon then ready to be sewn together.

Once sewn together in one long 2,000 metre piece, the ribbon will be unfurled on another day by more school children at Langley Park in the City of Perth. This ribbon will be moulded and shaped by both kids and parents into the awareness ribbon shape and then will be photographed from the air to highlight it’s shape as an awareness ribbon.

This ribbon day will bring more energy to the cause and showcase how amazing the people of Western Australia are when it comes to uniting to supporting children with cancer. Once the record has been achieved the ribbon will then be donated to the new Children’s Hospital in the hope of being used for the opening in 2015.