yellow-ribbonAre you a school and want to get your students involved in our world record attempt?

Contact us today so we can send you out a ribbon pack!


We need your help to achieve a Guinness Book of World Record for
‘The Longest Awareness Ribbon’

How can you help
We need schools to join us in signing the 2,000 metre ribbon with messages of support for the children who have been diagnosed with Cancer.

What do you need to do?
To start, please email us and let us know you want your school to be a part of this amazing World Record Attempt. [email protected]

What happens next?
We will list your school as one of the 130 + schools that will be included in our Keep the Flame Alive Awareness Ribbon and organise a package to send out to you in the 2014 New Year.

Do we have to pay to be on the Ribbon?
Because Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation is creating this event to help build awareness and raise funds we are suggesting schools request a gold coin donation from those students who want to write their message on the Ribbon. This is not compulsory but would be greatly appreciated.

What will be in my pack?
15 metres of yellow ribbon for the students and teachers to sign. Instructions on what needs to happen. Registration page for all of the students names who have signed, to be listed. A form for direct deposit for funds raised. Return address envelope for the return of the ribbon and the names list to present to Guinness World Records.

How else can your school families get involved?
Because this event is a 3 part event there is an opportunity for ALL families to get involved on the 6th of April dance day. As there are limited numbers for each location if this is something your student’s are keen to do then we suggest you get them to registering their preferred location ASAP. Register NOW

Finally we are also offering to all of the schools who participate to come down on the 19th of April to the Langley Park location to be a part of the World Record photo being taken as the ribbon is unfurled and all of the students hold it in place while the helicopter flies over the get the perfect shot. All schools will be presented with a certificate of appreciation and image of this.